1 Day Workshop on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon in the short time it has been around, it serves many purposes with the main one being it is a currency that isn’t issued by any central governing body. Bitcoin is an alternative investment which offers exponential returns, however the markets are volatile. Bitcoin leverages on Blockchain technology which serves as bitcoin’s shared ledger. Blockchain provides the means for recording bitcoin transactions in the shared ledger which is concurrently being used by many industries to record any transaction and track the movement of any asset whether tangible, intangible, or digital.
By getting involved with Blockchain and Bitcoin you’re joining an ever growing ecosystem, which is at the cutting edge of technology.


What you will learn

  • Understand Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Basics, Bitcoin Ecosystem
  • How Bitcoin achieves decentralization
  • Understanding Blockchain and its platform
  • Blockchain In Action : Use cases from various industries
  • Introduction to various mining technologies  and transactions
  • Wallet fundamentals and Smart Contracts
  • Exploring some more alternative coins (Ethereum, Altcoin, OneCoin )
  • How to build your first Blockchain application, get your first bitcoin-Demo