Data Governance for non-executives

Data Governance in the Age of Big Data

Almost every organisation is currently investing in analytics and Big Data infrastructure. Before new insights can lead to business operational excellence and increased performance, much attention should be focused on the management and governace of the data. Yet few organisations have realised that their traditional data governace practices no longer work. This can result in organisations not being able to realise the full potential of their Big Data initiative.

This workshop on Data Governance for non-executives will outline what is Data Governance, why the approach to Data Governance must be different in the age of big data and will provide you with the necessary knowledge to establish a modern Data Governance program which will help the organisation to better manage the ever increasing volumes and varieties of data that are flowing into the organisation.

What you will learn:

  • What is Data Governance and how is it different in the age of Big Data
  • Why do you need data governance, now more than ever
  • How you can re-engineer your data governance program so that it aligns to business
  • Making the case for Data Governance
  • Governing Systems of Records and Systems of Engagement
  • How to develop an end-to-end data governace framework for your organisation
  • Understand regulatory compliance
  • How to set up an organisational structure for an effective Data Governace program
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for a Data Governance program
  • Build effective Master Data Management and Metadata management programs for Big Data
  • Setting up a data and information quality program
  • How to build a Big Data Governance Technology Roadmap
  • Building a change management and the communication strategy for the Data Governance program in your organization
  • Rules, guidelines and best practice for effective Data Governance of all data assets in your organisations

Your Workshop Presenter: Prof Andy Koronios

Prof Andy Koronios, Global Science and Technology Forum

Andy Koronios is a Professor of Information Management and currently Dean: Industry & Enterprise at the University of South Australia. Previously he spent 15 years as the Head of the School of Information Technology & Mathematical Sciences, at the University of South Australia. Andy holds academic qualifications in Electrical Engineering, Computing and education and a PhD from the University of Queensland.

Andy has extensive experience in both commercial and academic environments and his research interests include information governace, data quality, analytics and the strategic exploitation of information. Andy has established two University Research Labs and a funded Research Centre and is currently the Director of the Strategic Information Management Research Lab in the Advanced Computer Research Centre. He has worked both as a consultant as well as a professional speaker on IT issues in Australia and South East Asia and has over twenty years’ experience in the academic environment. He is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society, and a Founding Fellow of the International Institute of Engineering Asset Management, Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Information Quality. He was recently been honoured as a Distinguished Speaker of the ACM. He is a member of Board of Governors of GSTF.

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