Certified Cloud Computing Professional (CCCP)

Introduction and Overview

Certified Cloud Computing Professional (CCCP) program is the third level in this pathway (after Associate and Specialist levels) – is a 4-day intensive training program with hands-on project work component (PWC) that participants will carry out at the end of the training. This program is specially designed to address the growing need for people having skills, expertise and competence in deploying and managing applications in computing clouds. It will impart participants various technical, management and governance skills needed to successfully identify, deploy and manage various types of applications in clouds, and to develop and implement enterprise cloud strategy. It will also enable them harness the potential of the clouds creating value and minimizing the risks and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

The program will provide participants essential skills to examine cloud computing options, the ability to apply cloud computing in different application contexts, and the ability to recommend suitability of, as well as implications of, cloud computing for a given application considering several technical and non-technical aspects, including security, privacy, compliance and business continuity.

Participants will undergo intensive training program which will consist of lectures/presentations augmented with hands-on, case studies, tutorials and interactive discussion plus project work component (PWC) that participants will undertake after the 4-day training and submit their project work for assessment. Participants will also receive comprehensive course materials and resources for further information. Thus, the participants will learn by different means and sources: lecture/presentations, project work, tutorial discussions, Q&A sessions, comprehensive lecture notes, and helpful additional resources.

Who Should Attend?

  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Senior Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Cloud Operations Manager
  • Information/ Database Architect – Cloud
  • Infrastructure Architect – Cloud
  • Integration Architect
  • IT Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • Managers and Consultants
  • Students and Executives
  • Business Process Owners
  • Risk Management Employees
  • Cloud Software Engineer (Solution/Database)
  • IT Technical services specialists (IT, Security, Infrastructure, Test, etc.)


Participants are expected to have any one of the following certifications to take up this GSTF CCCP certification.

  1. GSTF Certified Cloud Computing Specialist (CCCS)
  2. EXIN Cloud Technologies Advanced

Assessment and Certification

  • Component 1: Written Examination (MCQ)
    • 40 Questions
    • 1 Hour duration
    • Closed Book
    • Score 65% to pass
  • Component 2: Project Work Component (PWC)
    • Individual work
    • 2 weeks to complete from the last day of course
    • Score 65% to pass
  • Certification
    • Upon passing the course, you will be awarded “Certified Cloud Computing Professional
    • Certification body – Global Science and Technology Forum


    • Supports 70% funding of the nett payable course and certification / assessment fee.
    • Eligible for Singapore citizens only.
    • Valid for courses and examinations commencing on or before 31 March 2015.
    • Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit www.ida.gov.sg/citrep for full details or contact 6327 0164 for enquiry.

Course Outcome

  • An in-depth understanding of Cloud Computing concepts, building blocks and virtualization
  • Learn the complete process of how to build private cloud along with cloud infrastructure management
  • Understand the cloud application development from design and coding perspective
  • Understand cloud legal, regulatory, security and privacy issues from customer and provider aspects
  • Learn the concepts of Cloud Audit and Security as a Service (SecaaS)

Course Outline

Cloud Computing: Concepts and Overview

  • Cloud Evolution
  • Key Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Outsourcing Evolution
  • Data Centre Services
  • Deployment & Delivery Models
  • Cloud Computing Market Perspective

Cloud Computing: Building Blocks and Virtualization

  • Deployment Approach
  • Building Blocks
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Infrastructure Virtualization in Cloud
  • What is Virtualization
  • Virtual Machine and Characteristics
  • Virtual Infrastructure
  • Virtualization Types
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Cloud Monitoring & Management
  • Pricing of Cloud Services
  • Data Centre Classification

Building a Private Cloud

  • Private Clouds
  • Internal Private Cloud
  • Assessing the Organizational Readiness for Internal Private Cloud
  • Key Steps to Designing Your Cloud
  • Legacy Systems – Issues to Consider
  • Managing the Cloud
  • Building Private Cloud

Cloud Computing: Coding in Cloud

  • Adoption Model
  • Developing Applications for cloud
  • High Level Design Considerations
  • Development platforms
  • Cloud API
  • Cloud Database

Cloud Computing: Security, Privacy and Risks

  • Cloud Security: Overview
  • Areas of Security Concerns in Cloud Computing
  • Security Framework
  • Virtualization and Security
  • SSL to Secure Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure Security: Threats, Challenges and Guidance
  • Data Security
  • Recommendations for Cloud Storage
  • Customer and CSP Responsibilities
  • Privacy Considerations
  • Examining Cloud Computing Risks
  • Security Guidance for Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Audit
  • Security as a Service (SecaaS)