CCS 2017 Keynote Addresses: 1. Assoc. Prof. Margaret Chan – School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University     2. Assoc. Prof. Anna Hickey-Moody – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of Sydney, Australia  |   IE 2017  Keynote Addresses: 1. Prof. Richard C. Geibel – Dean of Master Program, University Fresenius of Applied Sciences, Germany     2. Prof. Naresh Kumar – Head of Entrepreneurship Education, Consultancy and Research, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan | EMG 2017  Keynote Addresses:  1. Prof. Bennett Chi Kin Yim – Associate Director of the Contemporary Marketing Center, Faculty of Business, The University of Hong Kong     2. Assoc. Prof. Humayun Murshed – Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Australia  | THoR 2017  Keynote Addresses: 1. Prof. Larry Dwyer – Travel and Tourism Economics, University of New South Wales, Australia     2. Assoc. Prof. T. C. Chang  – Department of Geography, National University of Singapore | HRM&PD  Keynote Addresses: 1. Prof. Adrian Wilkinson – Director of the Center for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith University, Australia     2. Assoc. Prof. Paul Higgins – Human Resource Management, City University of Hong Kong     3. Prof. Peter Gahan – Founding Director of the Center for Workplace Leadership, University of Melbourne, Australia

Becoming A Training Provider

When you become an ATP (A Training Provider) of Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF), you enjoy:

  1. Access to most up-to-date and comprehensive content and courseware/curriculum on Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Big Data and IOT
  2. Our courses are based on Open Source Technologies
  3. Our expert/principal trainers will train and certify your technical trainers/lecturers
  4. ATP Plaque/Certificate
  5. Joint marketing events and activities
  6. Access to the Certification programs in the 3 key leading edge and much sought after technologies and skill sets
  7. Discounts on Exam vouchers
  8. ATP Status
  9. Access to GSTF confercnes, journals and publications
  10. Potential collaboration with Partner Universities
  11. Comprehensive Train the Trainer program
  12. Online Support for Trainers and Partners
  13. Enhanced branding through exposure on GSTF/RapidStart website, social media platforms (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

For more queries and detailed course outlines, please email