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Specific topics that JoC welcomes but are not limited to:


Artificial Intelligence:Natural Language Generation, Speech Recognition, Virtual Agents, AI-optimized Hardware, Deep Learning Platforms, Robotic   Process Automation, Text Analytics and NLP

  • •  Cloud Computing: Applications, Architecture and Open Source Tools & Technologies, Containers, Serverless Computing, AI-enabled Services on Cloud
  • •  Big Data: Data and Business Analytics, Predictive Modelling Techniques, NoSQL Databases ,Tools for Knowledge Discovery, Stream Analytics, In-memory    Data Fabric, Distributed Storage and Data Virtualization
  • •  Blockchain Technology: Applications in Banking, Insurance, Shipping, Cryptocurrencies, HyperLedger , Ethereum and its platform
  • •  Machine learning: Machine Learning Platforms, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning
  • •  Neural and Evolutionary Computing: Architecture, Learning Process , Character recognition, Image Compression
  • •  Operating Systems: Real time operating systems(RTOs), Open Source RTOSs
  • •  Software Engineering : Social and Ethical aspects of Software Engineering, Experimental Software Engineering, Software Maintenance, Reverse     Engineering and Re-Engineering
  • •  Networking and Internet Architecture: Software Defined Networks, Network Virtualization, Intent-based networking
  • •  IoT: Smart cities, Smart Homes, Connected Cars, IoT applications,
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