1 Day Workshop on Big Data Science

Leverage on the uniqueness of your data, maximise possibilities!!

Why should you attend

Data is exploding at an exponential rate and data sources are increasingly complex and varied, including a massive influx of data generated by mobile devices, social media, IoT devices, machines, applications and many more. Organisations across globe are endeavouring to manage and leverage both structured and unstructured data, via advanced analytics, to gain new insights, and find anomalies, correlations and answers to a wide array of questions that drive front-line decision making and transform the business. However, the real challenge in this process is the design of computing, storage infrastructures and algorithms needed to handle this “big data” problem.

This 1-day workshop on Big data science will cover the concept of business analytics and big data technologies with its strategic importance to any organization. Participants will be introduced to the concept of business analytics with big data technologies: Hadoop, Hive and HBase. Participants will get good picture of all these concepts and how they all are interconnected to each other in organizational context.

What you will learn

  • The concept of Business Analytics
  • What is Big Data? Why Big Data?
  • 3V’s of Big Data
  • Big Data Market Forecast
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Types of Analytics, Introduction to BI and Data Mining
  • Why Hadoop? What are Hadoop offerings?
  • Hadoop Eco-System
  • Hadoop Core Components
  • Hadoop HDFS and MapReduce
  • Introduction to HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop and Flume