EeL 2017  Keynote Addresses: Prof. Carol K.K. Chan, Division of Learning, Development and Diversity, Faculty of Education,The University of Hong Kong. Assoc. Prof. Chen Wenli, Learning Sciences and Technology (LST),Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE),Nanyang Technological University (NTU).PSSIR 2017  Keynote Addresses: Prof. Erik Baark, Professor Emeritus, Division of Social Science and the Division of Environment, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Assoc. Prof. Andrew T. H. Tan Security Studies and Criminology, Macquarie University, AustraliaPHARMA 2017  Keynote Addresses: Assoc. Prof. Anthony Tsarbopoulos,Department of Pharmacology, University of Athens Medical School, Greece Prof. Ching-Chow Chen College of Medicine, National Taiwan University

Partner Universities

As of now, Global Science and Technology Forum – GSTF is a proud partner of 38 Universities around the globe. In addition to these partner Universities, 63 other universities are partner organizations for the 40 annual academic conferences organized and administered by GSTF in the areas of ICT, Computer Science & Engineering, Bio Informatics and Business. As part of this initiative, over 1000 academics and researchers from the various GSTF technical committees of the annual academic conferences from institutions such as: