CCS 2017 Keynote Addresses: 1. Assoc. Prof. Margaret Chan – School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University     2. Assoc. Prof. Anna Hickey-Moody – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of Sydney, Australia  |   IE 2017  Keynote Addresses: 1. Prof. Richard C. Geibel – Dean of Master Program, University Fresenius of Applied Sciences, Germany     2. Prof. Naresh Kumar – Head of Entrepreneurship Education, Consultancy and Research, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan | EMG 2017  Keynote Addresses:  1. Prof. Bennett Chi Kin Yim – Associate Director of the Contemporary Marketing Center, Faculty of Business, The University of Hong Kong     2. Assoc. Prof. Humayun Murshed – Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Australia  | THoR 2017  Keynote Addresses: 1. Prof. Larry Dwyer – Travel and Tourism Economics, University of New South Wales, Australia     2. Assoc. Prof. T. C. Chang  – Department of Geography, National University of Singapore | HRM&PD  Keynote Addresses: 1. Prof. Adrian Wilkinson – Director of the Center for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith University, Australia     2. Assoc. Prof. Paul Higgins – Human Resource Management, City University of Hong Kong     3. Prof. Peter Gahan – Founding Director of the Center for Workplace Leadership, University of Melbourne, Australia

About GSTF Publications

GSTF Journals

GSTF currently publishes 4 quarterly and 8 bi annual that features peer reviewed scholarly articles which are available both in print and on line:GSTF Journal on Computing (JoC), GSTF Journal on Business Review (GBR), GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology (JET), GSTF Journal of Advances in Medical Research (JAMR), GSTF Journal of Law and Social Sciences (JLSS), GSTF Journal of BioSciences (JBio), GSTF Journal of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research (JMSOR), GSTF Journal on Education (JEd), GSTF Journal on Nursing and Health Care (JNHC),GSTF Journal on Media and Communications (JMC), GSTF Journal of General Philosophy (JPhilo) & GSTF Journal of Psychology (JPsych).

In line with our commitment to facilitate research and disseminate knowledge to the global academic community, GSTF offers authors a platform for rapid publication of their research. GSTF publishes 7 online journals which feature peer-reviewed scholarly articles: GSTF Journal of Chemical Sciences (JChem), GSTF Journal of Physics and Applications (JPA), GSTF Journal on Agricultural Engineering (JAE), GSTF Journal on Aviation Technology (JAT), GSTF Journal of Geological Sciences (JGS), GSTF Journal of Music (JMusic) & GSTF Journal of Veterinary Science (JVet).  GSTF online Open Access journals support publication of research articles ahead of the print issue, thus ensuring our researchers and scholars have access to the most rapid route to publication.

In addition, all of our 19 journals are also hosted on Springer’s Open Access publishing platform – Global Science Journals (GSJ).

For interested Authors who wish to submit their manuscripts to the relevant journals, or if you have any queries on our GSTF publications (journals), do email us at

View GSTF Journals.

GSTF Books

GSTF Publishing is a dynamic academic press with nearly 10 years of experience and focuses on diverse disciplines and research areas including Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture, Education, Literature, Law, Medicine and Nursing amongst others. GSTF publishes both books and journals both in print and on line.

GSTF is a pioneer in the region to promote Open Access Journals. GSTF also has partnered with Springer and all GSTF Journal are published and hosted on Springer’s Open Access platform – Global Science Journal (GSJ) thus providing rapid access and dissemination of scientific and scholarly work to the academic and research community world-wide.

The Mission of GSTF Publishing is to:

  • To disseminate research and scholarly publication as widely as possible throughout the world.
  • To produce quality books and journals in partnership with scholars and researchers from around the globe by leveraging technology and Open Access

GSTF Publishing also co-publishes in partnership with academic and trade publishers such as Springer, Elsevier, World Scientific Publishing (WSP) and Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP) amongst others to disseminate important developments in all fields of research.

For interested Authors who wish to submit their manuscripts to the relevant books, or if you have any queries on our GSTF publications, do email us at

View GSTF Books.

GSTF Digital Library (DL)

Our library of electronic documents covers a wide spectrum of research areas such as Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Biological Sciences and Business, Architecture, amongst many other disciplines.

GSTF Training & Certifications

GSTF Training and Certification programs focus in the fields of Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Data Science and Internet of Things as well as Data Quality and Governance. Spearheaded by Dr. Anton Ravindran, GSTF is a pioneer in offering open source based and vendor neutral training and certification programs in these technologies. In partnership with some of the brightest minds and experts in these areas, GSTF has developed a series of training courses and certification programs in these technologies. The certification programs will transfer skills and enable IT practitioners to develop real world solutions for complex business requirements. The skills acquired by obtaining GSTF certifications are applicable to any vendor based products or technologies in these areas.

GSTF is based in Singapore, and the training and certification programs have been mapped to the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) and are supported and funded by the Infocom Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Singapore citizens are eligible for up to 70% CITREP II funding for these courses. These programs are offered globally through its network of Authorised Training Partners. GSTF Cloud Computing Specialists is offered globally in partnership with EXIN.

How To Get Trained

There are three options to receive training:

1. In Class Room Training

Delivered by GSTF certified trainers at GSTF Authorised Training Centres. To learn more, contact

2. On Site and/or Customized Training

A GSTF certified instructor can be engaged to tailor make the training based on your organizational project requirements. To learn more, contact

3. Self-Study

Self-study kits are available for selected exams. These kits allow you to study the materials remotely and at your own pace. Each kit includes study materials, an exam voucher, and additional study aids where applicable. For more information, contact

4. On line Training

Selected modules are available on line. For more information, contact


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GSTF does not accept manuscripts that have already been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts submitted will be assessed by the Editor/s with the assistance of external readers.

  • Include the Table of Contents and a brief description of each chapter.
  • Please also include an indicative list of titles of the existing literature.
  • Please also include an indicative list of titles of the existing literature.
  • Also indicate the anticipated number of diagrams/photographs/tables, if any.
  • Please provide a date for the submission of your complete manuscript.
  • Kindly highlight any aspects that can be leveraged on to market the book.

For Interested Authors

For interested Authors who wish to submit their manuscripts to the relevant books, or if you have any queries on our GSTF publications (books & journals), do email us at